Sensitivity in Residential Design Towards Sustainability - A Vernacular Approach


  • Ar. Vanishree Mysore Ranganath Faculty of Architecture, PES University, Bengaluru



Reflexive relationship, Sustainable development, Residential planning, Design sensitivity, Pragmatic approach, Vernacular concepts


Vernacular design depicts a visual imagery of myriad layers of environmental, socio-cultural and economical ways of life. Initially, the development of Vernacular concepts originated with articulation of spaces to accommodate different forms of shelter appropriate to micro and macro climatic conditions across varied geographical locations.
Later, it established an affinity for the place where the landscapes embraced these indigenous resources and practices and ensured compatibility between people, nature and human built environment. Hence, a reflexive relationship between nature and built environment which includes the necessity to create and adopt the right methodology evolved with time.
Further, this pragmatic approach not only stands as an evidence to prove the positive impact it has on the environment but also holds the key to a sustainable development. An insight into diverse residential development patterns across different geographical locations in Indian subcontinent substantiates the above statement. The parameters that dictate the built form of these dwellings also contribute to the degree of design sensitivity towards the sustenance of that built form. This paper specifically analyses the factors that define the scope of residential planning across Peninsular India, North - Western regions and North -Eastern parts of India. This paper will also investigate the resilient nature of these factors which play a predominant role in the providing a conducive environment for sustainable development.

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